Dear Journalists


I’m late, but I did not want to stop writing about a date as important as the 7th of June.

I am having a very pleasant experience but different from the one I had visualised in the past. I mean, to be writing in this space in a language that is not my mother tongue.

I remember that I had my first contact with journalism when I was 14 and was part of a large group of “Jóvenes Comunicadores” -Young Communicators- who did countless of radio hours, interviews of cultural and social interest, newspaper writing and even internet content when it was still in its infancy.

In Argentina, my first home, Journalist’s Day is celebrated every 7th of June.

This day was established in 1938 by the First National Congress of Journalists held in Córdoba, in memory of the first press with patriotic ideas. Mariano Moreno, who was an Argentine lawyer, journalist, and politician, founded the “Gazeta de Buenos Ayres”, the first newspaper of the Argentine independence period on the 7th of June 1810.

A warm greeting to all the journalists around the world!

Paola Xx

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