“Hello there!”



It’s been a while since I redacted the news service on the radio, I used to write on two blogs and for a local newspaper in my city.

Well, life happens, things turn in unexpected ways and, sincerely, I missed this. It is like a sweet reunion with letters and words but, even more, with a very special connection between the writer and each reader. Isn’t it so close to magic, that point in time, that moment someone writes a message and different people read it?.

Each key pressed, each thought is shaped for you, even when you don’t even suspect that you will read it yet. And who knows what I’ll be doing while you’re reading it! In fact, I’m probably having a cup of coffee or listening to the radio right now.

Anyway, this first post, will be my way to initiate that spark of magic between us.

Welcome to #MonPetitJournal !

Paola Xx