Fashion nails

Funny colours and names, choose one! 💅🏻

The names of beauty products are very nice, aren’t they? I am quite enjoy saying things like “Today I will paint my nails with ‘queen of tarts’, or perhaps with ‘pillow talk’, ‘rose libertine’, ‘fit for a princess’ or even ‘lose your lingerie’. Hilarious!And don’t get even get me started with names for lipsticks. Anyway, today I have chosen ‘peachella’ to match a blouse with broderie anglaise.
“Peach-like” fragrances and colours are among my essentials of this summer.



I smell like a sweet peach! 🍑


There is a new accessory among the essentials of my bag!.
A “Fruity Body Mist”, absolutely refreshing during a hot day and considerably inspiring, at least for me that through smell I can awaken my creative sense.


Amazing dresses!

What will you wear this summer? 👗

We’re on a roll, especially these last couple of days. Yesterday we arrived at 34ºC in London. England, you surprise me! I’m really enjoying it, and I bet you are too, are you not?

I have found these type of dresses with combined patterns to be an excellent option, very fresh with a bare back and perhaps even a bow. Checkered, flowered, smooth or with lines, it is definitely a very versatile garment that you can (and should) wear anywhere you go!


Stay hydrated!

In hot days like these we are having, it is very important to stay hydrated, first and foremost for health reasons. Let’s not forget that our body is around 70% water. But it also has a great side effect on beauty. You can buy all the moisturising products you want for your skin, but there is nothing like drinking water, not just for your skin, but for your entire body.
A balanced consumption of water helps maintain the beauty of hair, nails and skin, which look brilliant when perfectly hydrated, as it enables cellular regeneration by means of a sufficient support of minerals, nutrients and oxygen. Water slows the ageing process, contributes to weight loss, as it suppresses appetite and helps the body to metabolise accumulated fat. Remember to always carry a bottle of water in your bag!

Paola Xx

Canary Wharf

I like cities, the more urbanised, the better! 🏙


I know, I must belong to a small minority who likes to travel on the underground, to commute, to go up and down escalators and to stop the time with a cup of coffee
in my hands. It just fascinates me!


Well, today was one of those days in which the weather and Canary Wharf felt just perfect to me. I contemplated with absolute admiration the immensity of those complex buildings: art, architecture, design, history.
Canary Wharf contains around 16,000,000 square feet (1,500,000 m2) of office and retail space, of which 7,900,000 square feet (730,000 m2) (about 49%) is owned by the Canary Wharf Group. Around 105,000 people work there! Stop for a moment to think about it how awesome that is!

It is always a pleasure to enjoy London.


Été 2017

Summer is here!…

Sunglasses on magazine with a taurus necklace
To be honest, after a few years I think that finally I am able to feel these months like true summer. I mean, for 20 years June was a month to wear the best clothes that my grandmother could knit!. Either way, I’m so happy with this weather! Aren’t you?

Also, it is a perfect occasion, especially for every fashion enthusiast to wear our (old or new) special trinkets and clothes.

I will not lie, generally I am not a lover of sunglasses, I prefer to see the light of the sun as it is, natural and clean, invading all with its energy, {although used in opportune moments it fulfils its usefulness}. Well, I had to renew my old sunglasses, I used them so little …
Now, I’m in love with these new ones! Today, I just need that, a magazine and my Taurus spirit.

Let’s go to the park!

Dear Journalists


I’m late, but I did not want to stop writing about a date as important as the 7th of June.

I am having a very pleasant experience but different from the one I had visualised in the past. I mean, to be writing in this space in a language that is not my mother tongue.

I remember that I had my first contact with journalism when I was 14 and was part of a large group of “Jóvenes Comunicadores” -Young Communicators- who did countless of radio hours, interviews of cultural and social interest, newspaper writing and even internet content when it was still in its infancy.

In Argentina, my first home, Journalist’s Day is celebrated every 7th of June.

This day was established in 1938 by the First National Congress of Journalists held in Córdoba, in memory of the first press with patriotic ideas. Mariano Moreno, who was an Argentine lawyer, journalist, and politician, founded the “Gazeta de Buenos Ayres”, the first newspaper of the Argentine independence period on the 7th of June 1810.

A warm greeting to all the journalists around the world!

Paola Xx


“Hello there!”



It’s been a while since I redacted the news service on the radio, I used to write on two blogs and for a local newspaper in my city.

Well, life happens, things turn in unexpected ways and, sincerely, I missed this. It is like a sweet reunion with letters and words but, even more, with a very special connection between the writer and each reader. Isn’t it so close to magic, that point in time, that moment someone writes a message and different people read it?.

Each key pressed, each thought is shaped for you, even when you don’t even suspect that you will read it yet. And who knows what I’ll be doing while you’re reading it! In fact, I’m probably having a cup of coffee or listening to the radio right now.

Anyway, this first post, will be my way to initiate that spark of magic between us.

Welcome to #MonPetitJournal !

Paola Xx