Amazing dresses!

What will you wear this summer? 👗

We’re on a roll, especially these last couple of days. Yesterday we arrived at 34ºC in London. England, you surprise me! I’m really enjoying it, and I bet you are too, are you not?

I have found these type of dresses with combined patterns to be an excellent option, very fresh with a bare back and perhaps even a bow. Checkered, flowered, smooth or with lines, it is definitely a very versatile garment that you can (and should) wear anywhere you go!


Canary Wharf

I like cities, the more urbanised, the better! 🏙


I know, I must belong to a small minority who likes to travel on the underground, to commute, to go up and down escalators and to stop the time with a cup of coffee
in my hands. It just fascinates me!


Well, today was one of those days in which the weather and Canary Wharf felt just perfect to me. I contemplated with absolute admiration the immensity of those complex buildings: art, architecture, design, history.
Canary Wharf contains around 16,000,000 square feet (1,500,000 m2) of office and retail space, of which 7,900,000 square feet (730,000 m2) (about 49%) is owned by the Canary Wharf Group. Around 105,000 people work there! Stop for a moment to think about it how awesome that is!

It is always a pleasure to enjoy London.